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Hi. Welcome to this site. I hope you have a nice stay here. The theme of this site is post apocalyptic, crops are gone, prey is dead and the once strong world we lived in is falling to pieces. The remaining anthros and humans that have survived must settle their differences and work together if they are to live in this ever-changing world. Thank you for coming to this site. Feel free to post in the guest book any questions or comments you have. Please join if interested. Role Play has started. Thank you.

We are awakening!

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I am Sylvia Empty I am Sylvia

Post by Sylvia on Tue May 28, 2013 7:58 pm




Age:20 yrs

Species:Canine (Maned Wolf)

Color(s):White underside. Blonde, Gold and Silver above.

Eyes: Blue/Silver


Name: Sylvia

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'10", thin, long legs and arms, reddish/blonde hair, silver eyes

Appearance Age: 20

Clothes: Loose blue jeans, tee shirt, hooded sweatshirt, sneakers.



History: Sylvia has lived in the Forest surrounding the City since she was young. She has ventured into the beautiful City several times when it was still standing. When it crumbled and her world fell apart, starting with the death of her family and finishing with the utter destruction of life as she knew is it. She roams the Ruins of the City and the areas around it in search of survivors. She tries to help those she finds and will do almost anything for those she cares about.

A silver cross necklace.
An armband on her upper arm.

Theme Song: When I'm Gone- 3 Doors Down

Personality: Sylvia is quiet and is kind of serious. She enjoys having fun though when the opportunity arises. She is very protective of those she cares about, she could even be a little over protective. She is semi aggressive but not short tempered.

Likes: Having someone to talk to. Singing. Hunting. Scavenging. Having fun. Enjoys teasing people but not in a bad way.

Dislikes: Dresses, skirts and most jewelry.

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