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Hi. Welcome to this site. I hope you have a nice stay here. The theme of this site is post apocalyptic, crops are gone, prey is dead and the once strong world we lived in is falling to pieces. The remaining anthros and humans that have survived must settle their differences and work together if they are to live in this ever-changing world. Thank you for coming to this site. Feel free to post in the guest book any questions or comments you have. Please join if interested. Role Play has started. Thank you.

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Evergreen's The Name!

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Evergreen's The Name! Empty Evergreen's The Name!

Post by Evergreen T. on Thu May 01, 2014 1:15 am

Name:Evergreen Trail

Gender: Female

Age: 44 (Horse years) 16 (Human years)
Species:Equine (Pegasus)

Color(s): Green (Light and Dark), brown, mint, blue, red and white.
Size: 5' 5''

Personality: Shy around strangers, crazy around friends. Though when the situation demands it, she can be serious. Her temper is quite short and if pushed way too far, a few "choice" words will be spoken.

Mate: None
Young: No.

History: Evergreen was a simple mare with no real goals in life, just keep the flowers alive and her friends happy. Until chaos overcame the land. She lost track of where her friends where, and her new goal was to find as many survivors as she can and help them.

Accessories: A purple backpack with a few helpful items in it among other things.

Name: Evergreen Trail
Gender: Female

Appearance: Evergreen has mint eyes and a soft green coat with small sickly green spots. Her mane and tail has a peppermint swirl design. She had to cut her tail short so it stops mid thigh with a clean, straight cut instead of on the floor with a gentle curl. Her mane has a front part that hangs over her left eye in a few ""spikes", leaving a few spots for her to see. She has a small curl on the side of her neck that didn't come out somehow. Her cutimark, which is hidden under her pants, is a simple evergreen tree, which represents her talent.

Appearance Age: 16 (Human years)
Clothes: A green sweater with a evergreen tree patch on it and a pair of blue pants.

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