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Hi. Welcome to this site. I hope you have a nice stay here. The theme of this site is post apocalyptic, crops are gone, prey is dead and the once strong world we lived in is falling to pieces. The remaining anthros and humans that have survived must settle their differences and work together if they are to live in this ever-changing world. Thank you for coming to this site. Feel free to post in the guest book any questions or comments you have. Please join if interested. Role Play has started. Thank you.

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Bio for my character

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Bio for my character Empty Bio for my character

Post by sevenfangs on Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:49 pm

Name: Andrew Goetiao
Gender: Male
Species: Red fox/anthro
Color(s): Brilliant red-orange, with white underbody and ear tips
Size: 5"9' but when in fox form is rather large for his kinda. About as large as a healthy wolf.
Personality: Is independant, kinda anti social and shy, but
compationate. Is a survivor. Hides emotion well. Has the temperament of a she-wolf. Also is a strong leader type looks out for his friends and loved ones.
Mate: none
Young: 2 sons he adopted.
History: Grew up in the back waters of maryland. and became
used to people for a while. Eventually he began sneaking into houses and stealing food after sampling from a family picnic.
Eventually he became jealous of humans technology causing him to becoming more and more evolved eventually walking upright. Over time adopted 2 fox kits one 7 years old the other is 12. They tend to stay around the den where Andrew hoards a large amount of food and loot that hes gathered over the years.
Accessories: none

Name: Andrew
Gender: Male
Appearance:Is a fox 5'9" redfox anthro. Has a sleek build.
Appearance Age: appears late teens early adultish.
Clothes: black fedora with a chain around the base.
Grey shirt with a skull on it, black jeans. And black combat boots. Carries a grey satchel. Carries a decorative knife on his belt.

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Bio for my character Empty Re: Bio for my character

Post by Sylvia on Thu Oct 31, 2013 7:29 am

Welcome Sevenfangs. Very cool çharacter.

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